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These are our ongoing Courses, please call for cost and further details. Click here to see our class schedule.

Canadian Firearms Safety Courses. PAL - Non-restricted (Possession and Acquisition License) (rifles & shotguns) and PAL - Restricted (handguns).

C.O.R.E. (Conservation Outdoor Recreation Education) also known as the Hunter Education program.

Also the following courses are available on request.

PAWS - Predator Awareness & Wilderness Safety - a training course designed to provide awareness of the reality of BC predators, including Wolves, Cougars, Coyotes, Black & Grizzly Bears.  Topics include, basic biology of predators, recognise predator presence, response to an attack, defence during an attack, proper defence equipment, camp safety and food storage.

TDG. (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) – Training and Certification.  This training is required for all persons who; offer for transport, handle or actually transport goods defined as dangerous goods in Canada

WHMIS.  (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) Training & Certification.  This training is required for all persons who;  work with or near hazardous materials used in Canadian workplaces.

Wilderness Experience Training.  Survival training in the wilderness including: animal awareness, camp building, signal and camp fires, map and compass understanding, edible plants, shelters, winter survival and care of game meat etc.

Notice to firearm owners.  Are you faced with decisions of what to do with old or unwanted firearms in your possession?  Because it is difficult to access used firearms for training purposes we are willing to pay a nominal fee for unwanted firearms in working condition.  In receiving your unwanted firearms, we would provide a written guarantee that the firearms would be decommissioned and would only be used as training equipment in the training of Canadian Firearms Safety Courses (CFSC) such as the PAL non/restricted or restricted training courses.  If you are interested in having your firearms used for this valuable training please contact us via a phone call or in email.  Thank you.

Background. George is proud to work with a great team of instructors including Dianne Sutherland, Vit Snucins, Jim Sloper and Brian Cassell, who bring the best possible instruction to our courses. George McKnight has been involved with Pal and Core programs since inception. George is a Master Instructor in Pal and Core Training and brings 35 years training experience to these programs in the classroom. Team Leader in Search & Rescue, former Instructor/Trainer in the Royal Canadian Army (firearms & survival), in-depth experience as a contract Instructor for Universities and Colleges, Instructor of all-seasons, in-the-wilderness survival training and past Train-the-Trainer  experience with various First Aid programs.


George McKnight – Master Instructor/trainer for wilderness safety and awareness courses and training events.

Canadian Firearms Program

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